About MedExcess

Mission Statement

- Reduce Risk, Streamline Systems

MedExcess was inspired from a thorough understanding of systemic and recurring challenges that affect healthcare in the United States.  Connect with licensed medical professionals to direct necessary supplies to where they are needed most.  Simple collaboration can strengthen communications, save time, improve safety and provide valuable feedback for sustainable operations. Streamline your practice, take control of your delivery systems, minimize waste and increase efficiency in emergency response management.  Designed for the medical field, by the medical field.


MedExcess, LLC is an online platform for inventory optimization within the healthcare industry

Current guidelines for the transfer of medical supplies are as follows:

  • Products must be within expiration date if applicable
  • No pharmaceuticals, vaccines or antivenin may be submitted 
  • No human biologic products, autografts or allografts may be submitted
  • Products must be transfered between verified users only
  • You must possess a valid current license registered within the state of verified account to maintain user status


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