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Hello and welcome to MedExcess, the modern online network for your healthcare solutions.  We understand the challenges facing the medical field and know that compromise is not an option. Emergency preparedness, fluctuating patient volumes and unpredictable overhead management challenge our sustainable future.  Efficiently reallocate supplies to where they are needed most with a simple, safe, and trusted hub for the medical community.  Fine tune your inventory in real time to reduce potential expired products, join and link with other first responders to save time with critical logistics operations, directly lower operational costs and be prepared to provide a greater quality of patient care.  With a current medical license your account can be just a few clicks away. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our professional and dedicated staff would love to hear from you.

MedExcess, LLC is a dedicated website to provide a secure place online to sell, procure, and transfer products specifically  for the medical community within the United States.  Built in Huntsville, Alabama 2012. Copyright. All rights reserved.